If you wish to delete your account, please review the following information and contact us via email at support@evokemusic.ai.

  1. 1.The license for songs used in videos uploaded during your contract period remains valid permanently, but your channel will be removed from the approved list. For users of the Creator Plan, any songs already uploaded are eligible for 100% monetization.

  2. 2.After the deletion of your account, we will not be able to verify your information and therefore cannot offer any support.

  3. 3.If you delete your account without canceling your subscription renewal, we will be unable to stop billing for the membership fee. Please make sure to cancel the subscription renewal.

  4. 4.Due to system limitations, we cannot delete your account if you are still within your subscription period or trial period. Please request account deletion only after your subscription or trial period has ended.

In your email, please confirm your agreement with the above and include ① a request for EvokeMusic account deletion and ② the registered email address that you wish to delete.