Registered users can download sound effects from Evoke Music with or without a paid subscription. 

Are you excited to try it out? We made it easy for you - here are the steps for you to get started: 

If you don't have an account yet

1. Click Here and this will direct you to Evoke Music Website then, select "Get Started With Free SFX". 

2. Select "Sign Up"

3. Key in all the essential information to "Create Your Account". 

4. Tap the small box then select "Create Account".

If you are registered already

1. Click Here to sign in. 

2 . Enter your Email address and Password correctly. 

3. Once you are signed in, select "SFX" on the left side then, select your preferred SFX.

4. Select the "Download Icon" to download your preferred SFX.

Make sure that you've entered your information correctly and remember your login credentials so you can log back into your account anywhere anytime.

NOTE: It is still required a paid subscription (Personal/ Business/ Enterprise) in order to download non-SFX files.