The Creator subscription is a free subscription for users to use the entire Evoke Music library for free. Videos and podcasts created with the Evoke Music catalog can be uploaded anywhere. Users can also have multiple Creator subscriptions. 

Uploading to YouTube with the Creator subscription

Videos uploaded with an Evoke Music track are eligible for ad monetization by Evoke Music. Whenever YouTube runs an ad on your video, Evoke Music will claim the revenue generated by your video and share 50% of it back to you. Revenue payouts can be requested after your account has reached $50. Check here to learn how to add your PayPal account to your subscription.

What's the difference between Creator Pro?

The 3 key differences with the Creator Pro subscription are,

1. With Creator Pro, you can download as many songs as you like in a day. With the free Creator subscription, you are limited to 1 song a day. 

2. You need to be able to authorize your registered YouTube channel by logging into it versus with the Creator Pro, all you need is the channel URL

3. Videos uploaded to Youtube with a Creator Pro subscriptions are not monetized by Evoke Music. Users manage their own monetization and keep 100% of revenue generated. 

What happens to my videos if I cancel my subscription?

Everything uploaded while you have an active subscription is licensed for life. Anything uploaded after a valid subscription will be subject to a copyright claim, even if you have downloaded the music during an active subscription.