Evoke Music is a royalty-free music library for all creators. The music in the library is created with our proprietary artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant, Amadeus Code. 

Why use Evoke Music?

1. Search for music by keywords that matter to you

With Evoke Music, anyone can find the right track with next to zero music knowledge. You can simply search for music by keywords that explain what you, the creator are making, rather than having to describe how a piece of music sounds. 

Pro tip: Prefix a keyword with a ( - ) minus sign to exclude a keyword from your search result. Here's an example of "happy songs with piano but no guitar".

2. Music copyright made simple

Music copyright is complicated. As a creator, business, or brand, it's essential that the tracks you choose for your work have and will continue to have crystal clear rights. Don't get set back by 3rd party music providers with bad copyright practices. 

3. Grow with Evoke Music

Our goal at Evoke Music is to grow your channel with high quality and engaging music. Evoke the right emotion, message, and story with an artificial intelligence-enabled limitless catalog of music.